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Virtual & In Person

Dog Training

Balanced Motivational Training

for Real World Environments


I’m Ron Myers

Certified Master Dog Trainer & Canine Specialist of 40 years


Every dog is unique. My mission is to provide reliable, humane, and efficient dog training for each one of my clients, tailored to their distinct needs. My confidence in my work is rooted in 12 years of formal education and 40 years of hands-on experience with thousands of dogs. The scope of my professional experience is as diverse as the clients and dogs with whom I work. Dogs ranging from family pets to working dogs to K9 units have benefited from my multi-faceted training. 


The Unique K9 Way

Unique K9 Services is designed for the discerning dog owner who seeks to give their dog the best education possible, and desires only excellence in their dog training. Whether you are thinking about getting a dog, have a new puppy, or have an established relationship with a dog who has room to grow, I am here to help at every step. I work with each client and their dog to give them the individualized guidance they need for their specific environments. You never need to give up on your dog. We will work together to help them achieve their very best. That is my promise. 


Our Services

We offer versatile motivational training for real-world scenarios through sessions of private groups of up to 4 clients, and through remote virtual training conducted live online. Our specialties include: 

  • Obedience Training

  • Behavior Modification 

    • Aggression ​

    • Excessive Barking

    • Anxiety

    • Reactivity and more

  • Service and Therapy Dog Training​​​

    • Psychiatric & PTSD Service Dogs

    • Therapy Dogs 

  • Sports Dog Training​

    • Schutzhund/IPO​

    • Agility

    • Competition Obedience and more

  • Protection Dog Training


The Ultimate Method to Unlocking Your Dog's Best Self 

The length of your dog's education can vary and depends on your goals and circumstances. We can begin to address you and your dog's needs over the course of an initial 12 weeks of training, and can continue however long is necessary to see the sought-after result. My services empower you to learn to guide your dog, and to work as a team. 

All in-person training sessions are held in Manhattan, N.Y. in designated public spaces, weather permitting. Virtual training sessions and virtual consultations are available for clients based in any location. Overall pricing is variable, as the curriculum is tailored to each dog. Please contact Unique K9 Services to discuss pricing or further details. All are welcome to attend a group training session for free to see the training in action. 


Attend a Free Group Session! 

Email, or call (914) 269 - 8484 to receive a personal invitation to attend a group session in Manhattan, NY. Speak with current clients, see the training process, and meet with Ron before signing up! 

Success Stories

Marble Surface
"Gordy really saved my life. And he wouldn't be himself without Ron, so when I say we are thankful to Ron for everything, we are really thankful to Ron for everything."

Reesa & Gordy

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