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Balanced Training In Real World Environments



Scroll down for an update about training during Covid-19.

 Unique K9 Services

Training You To Learn How To Train Your Dog

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Dog-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me.  I know each dog is different, and I’ll work with you and your dog to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, have a new puppy that you want to give the very best, or already own a dog that can benefit from training, or a dog that has some behavioral issues, I am here to help! Please understand that you do not have to give up on your dog, ever!

Unique K9 Services is designed for the discerning dog owner who is seeking to give their dog the best education possible, and seeking excellence in their dog training. Usually, those who do not put a price on their dog's education, and have experience in recognizing a trained dog, and an understanding of dogs. This is not your typical commercialized dog training. Unique K9 Services is,(for lack of a better choice of words), an Ivy League University of Dog Training. Unique K9 Services offers balanced motivational training in real world outdoor and indoor environments through a mixture of private, semi-private group training sessions, remote live online virtual training, and online video sessions. All In Person Training Sessions are held in Manhattan, N.Y.  All clients must travel to Manhattan to meet me for their in person training sessions. In your home training is primarily available via my virtual training platforms. However, there are those rare exceptions, that I will make a housecall. My mission is to provide reliable, humane, and efficient dog training for each one of my clients.

What sets me apart from other trainers:

All exclusive "IN-DEPTH", scrupulous, carefully, and clearly explained detailed training methods, excellence in five star services.
Balanced / Motivational Training and attention given to each dog, & owner / client. Dependable, reliable results, with a strong focus on using the most humane training methods in the industry. My philosophy, theory, and methods used to teach your dog how to thrive in real world environments by meticulously guaging different levels of distractions, and stimuli as we progress in your training, has proven to be a much sought after alternative opposed to the traditional training facility, board-train, and indoor training venues, and methods we often see. Afterall, what good is it that your dog is an "A" student in your living room, but an "F" student in real world, & everyday practical life. Yes, everyone needs to crawl before they can soar, and that is the process that is meticulously applied when training at Unique K9 Services. Dog Training is not the wave of a magic wand.

 I pride myself on my application of the ol' skool philosophy when businesses viewed their customers as extended family, and a handshake meant an awful lot. Yes, I am all about consistently remaining teachable and learning, growth and new technology. However, nothing can replace providing the climate that will make each client feel like they are right at home, and feel comfortable in being proactive, and being themselves. Dog Training and life with your dog should fit in the leisure / asset columns of your life, not the work / liability colums. At Unique K9 Services not only is your dog going to have a blast, so will you!

I would like to send you a "Heartfelt Thanks" for taking the time to visit Unique K9 Services and look forward to helping you with all of your dog training, and dog care concerns.

I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the training results, and offer ongoing refresher courses to assure that your dog remains "Sharp" for the lifetime of the dog.

Addressing Covid-19:

  Unique K9 Services is an innovative, progressive, flexible, & forever evolving 5 Star Dog Training Service. I offer training via virtual platforms that will make you feel like I'm actually sitting in your living room. Even though we have improved in leaps and bounds regarding the pandemic, we are still sometimes uncomfortable in social settings, and during those times, it's comforting to know that we have the option of the Virtual Training Platforms. Some people choose my Virtual Training Platforms simply for having the convenience of being able to train while on the go, or in the comfort of their home. I aim to provide a level of reassurance and security as your dog trainer despite the present circumstances, and deliver quality reliable training via my Virtual Training Platforms as you desire, or if a necessity. 

Unique K9 Services
"A Unique Boutique Approach"
 Basic thru  Advanced Obedience


Behavior Modification

Specialty Training

Service Dog Training

Schutzhund/IPO Training

Therapy Dog Training

Satisfied Owners. Happier Dogs.

We have been working with Ron for a month now, and the improvement to our little Jilly Bean, has been amazing! Ron brings so much love and enthusiasm to the sessions, it is amazing to see his expertise when dealing with our 14 month old Yorkie. having lessons at our home and store, is so "Convenient". We love Ron and highly recommend him.

Lisa & Jay

Ron Myers Owner/Trainer at Unique K9 Services is the consummate trainer. I was at my wits end trying to figure out how to get my Havanese, ROCKY, to stop barking when people showed up at the door, or when there was noise in the hall. I was about to be kicked out of my building when in desperation I called Unique K9 and within 5-7 sessions Rocky became an angel .

Bob & Rocky

Ron Myers has done an excellent job training our 3 year old black lab, Dexter. He does not believe in using force to train the dog. He make the commands fun and more like a game. Dexter is a very high spirited animal and he loves his sessions with Ron and us. He behaves so much better now and is very happy and proud to do the commands. I recommend Ron as a very gentle, competent, committed trainer.


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