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About Ron

Unique K9 Services' CEO & Head Dog Trainer


Certified Master Dog Trainer and Client Coach

I'm Ron Myers, Owner & CEO/ Head Certified Dog Trainer of Unique K9 Services. I have over 40 years of extensive experience training dogs and with hold the professional titles of Certified Dog Trainer, Certified Service Dog Trainer, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Certified Master Dog Trainer, and Certified Canine Specialist.

I employ inductive methods, with a combination of reward based training, carefully utilized aversive training, and "Classical" and "Operant" Conditioning. I use a loving and gentle hand, consistently building drive and motivation in each dog. I pay close attention as to never change nor damage the dog’s personality, nor break the dog's spirit, or create an unwilling student. I am always developing new methods and following the latest research. I work tirelessly to provide the climate that will make each client feel comfortable being proactive and true to themselves.

I would not be where I am today without my very knowledgeable mentors Professor Lance Woodley and Grand Master Trainer Anthony Jerone. A true guru with astonishing credentials, Lance is an internationally renowned trainer of Skipton Dog Training Center and Compatible Canine in Boston, MA. He is one of the most accomplished educators in Canine Behavioral Sciences and his talent has lead him to be one of the most sought after Dog Trainers nationally and internationally. Lance is a colossal figure in the Schutzund community, and his influence can be detected in every sphere of the sport's competitive circuit.


Equally as accomplished and a decorated veteran, Anthony leads his School of Dog Training in New York. His skills as a professor and Grand Master Dog Trainer are absolutely extraordinary. His portfolio includes his work as a soldier with military dogs and with NYPD Transit Unit, K-9 Division, and more.


The opportunity to learn under the guidance and supervision of these two men has not only been a privilege, but an honor.  I am often in touch with Professor Lance Woodley as well as Grand Master Dog Trainer Anthony Jerone and still seek their counsel. These great teachers are forever my inspiration, and I am left in awe each time I interact with them. Their mentorship informs my practices each and every day.

My Vision

I have a dream that every dog can walk around completely naked - no leash, no harness, nothing. With the proper training, your dog can make this leash-less dream a reality. 


I strongly believe that training should be fun for the dog - and the dog’s owner. A dog is not a machine, and cannot be treated as anything other than a living and thinking creature. A dog cannot accomplish what is commanded of them until they understands what is being asked. I do not want to create a dog that cringes in fear at the sound of a command or while working with the handler. I want to see them happily working with the handler and not for the handler. It is about building trust and relationships. 


I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the training results, and offer ongoing refresher courses to assure that your dog remains sharp for their lifetime. At Unique K9 Services not only is your dog going to have a blast, so will you!

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