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Protection Dog Training

In lieu of the myths, misconceptions, prejudices, fears, bad media, and lack of proper education I felt a need to briefly touch on my "Specialty Training Svcs.", specifically those that involve "Bite Work". My concern is that one may think, or assume that these services are not a "Priority" at Unique K9 Services. By all means do not be misled. My passion for these types of services are just as important/ equal, and I enter into all these services with complete "Zeal",,, giving them my all, and going far beyond the call of duty. I absolutely love Dog Sport Training / Competitions, and train dogs for all dog sports, with a strong focus on Schutzhund. I am a bit taken back at the views, and misconceptions surrounding any type of bite-work/ protection training. The dog sports training methods tend to deliver a more reliable, and predictable dog than one might expect. The dog sports put great emphasis on obedience, precision, and usually have a stringent protocol to follow, which allows little room for error. A dog that is biting uncontrollably, and in any other manner other than exactly when, where, and how it is supposed to take a bite, are grounds for disqualification, and rarely has there been an accident.

Also, I personally will not train any dog for Personal Protection of any kind without the dog having successfully completed Advanced Obedience. This does not apply to dogs that will enter into dog sport competitions, reason being that pups are generally introduced to some type of bite-work early on in order to determine certain character/ temperament, and develop certain skills. Not every pup/ dog will pass the test required for the dog sports, nor any protection training. I will only train dogs that are "Sound" (Steady, and presenting no nervous disposition), and even tempered. I do not recommend training a dog for protection that is biting out of "Fear", nor "Anger". These types of behaviors are not desired for a Sound, Predictable, Trustworthy, and Reliable Protector. However, I find it quite unrealistic that in today's "Real World", where Life Is What It Is,,, crime forever being a concern,,, how one could not possibly comprehend a large demand, the need, and a desire for a reliable protector, home, and family guardian. Of course it is all a "Personal Choice". 

I offer many types of Specialty Training, and they are outlined on the first Training Page of my website. Protection Dog Training is only a part of these services, and I am as passionate about all the services in this category as I am with any of my other services. People seeking these services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Protection Dog Training
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