I recommend that I come to you, your home, or wherever it is that the dog dwells to do an initial evaluation. The evaluation is geared toward educating you, and us determining how much of a commitment you are willing to make, to be certain you agree that your dog being trained has to be one of your 

"Top Priorities", and help you to understand what is required from you in order to achieve your goals, more so than the dog. Also to show and tell you about my training methods, and the fundamental components about how dogs learn.


      I strongly urge that you bear in mind at all times, that dog training requires training the owner(s), and handler(s) of the dog. Therefore training sessions consist of teaching you in different forums, using various teaching methods. It is usually best for me to see the dog on "His/ Her Turf", where the confidence level is highest, and to see how you interact with the dog in "Your" home. During the initial evaluation, I suggest taking the dog out for a walk to get a firsthand look at your interaction with your dog outdoors. The evaluation will also consist of determining the dogs reactions to different stimuli, observing temperament. My goal is to "Tailor" a training program that works for "YOU", the dog, your lifestyle, your schedule, and give you the trained dog you are looking for.